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NOTE At the moment I'm busy developing this concept.

Competence conflict-free thinking

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The methodology for the development of competence conflict-free thinking.

This methodology incorporated into the project "Union Global Communities" and in all the products "One Account Products", including ethnic, premium sports, entertainment, and professional social media.

NOTE For the fundamentals of methods the concept of non-conflict vision and the formation of competencies, conflict-free thinking requires a clear explanation and differentiation of the main criteria of possible abuse, and their subsequent refinement.

The main criteria for the insults:

an insult to religion;
insulting, humiliating curse, including the use of use of profanity (swearing);
an insult used in speech profanity;
an insult based on ethnic differences;
an insult based on the arrogant attitude;
an insult on the basis of non-constructive criticism;
an insult on the basis of unsubstantiated comments;
an insult to women's dignity;
an insult to men's dignity;
insulting remarks against older age;
insult by humiliating comparisons with anything or anyone;
insulting unreasonable distrust;
the insulting neglect of the individual;
an insult by "mockery";
an insult based on the physiological characteristics;
an insult by humiliating distortions own name of man;
an insult by "status" (demonstration of social superiority);
an insult based on demonstration of intellectual superiority;
an insult on the basis of unclaimed value judgment;

NOTE In the future, the methodology of the concept of conflict-free vision and expertise without conflict of thinking will help to avoid any domestic disputes between strangers, to improve the working atmosphere between supervisors and subordinates, greatly reduce conflicts in the family between family members, between husband and wife, between parents and children, which will greatly contribute to a long lasting relationship and strengthen the family. All of the above in the long term should allow to return trust of people to each other. But in General, the skills competencies conflict-free thinking will insure You from mistakes in life!

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