• Union Global Communities

    Union Global Communities

    New level of social relations, where there are no conflicts!

    [3 in 1: Global Social Networks | Dating Services | Bulletin Boards]

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  • A new level of social relations

    A new level of social relations

    My favorite premium social products.

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  • Studio Media Products Niche Focus.

    Studio Media Products Niche Focus.

    With significant growth potential in the long term.

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Union Global Communities

Premium social networks for each ethnic group in the World.

Save cultural traditions, language and identity through the ideal form of values that will shape a new level of social relations.
A new level of social relations, where there is no conflict.

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«One Account Products» | My favorite premium social products

UNION GLOBAL COMMUNITIES Modern technology is able to solve the social problems of relationships between people. Social responsibility strategy «OneAccountProducts» and «BorisWeb Media Group» defines the philosophy, main principles and selection criteria of the projects implemented by the company for the benefit of the states of the world community in general, and in particular the fortress of the family.

NOTE Products «OneAccountProducts», and that more than 300 unique resources in the product range cover a wide range of interests and hobbies for the maximum number of users.

NOTE All products «OneAccountProducts», including ethnic, sports premium, professional, entertainment and social media, have the prospect of global growth and scale.

NOTE Every premium resource, consisting of 3 custom services: social networking, dating service and bulletin boards, including 4 ways of monetization.

New level natural online safety

NOTE Our business model is based on the financial filter of registration, provides a natural safety of communication and additional services.

NOTE The financial filter is the registration in the network, premium brand-selectivity and self-regulation based on the concept of conflict-free thinking allows you to separate users with negative intentions from the users for whom they were developed by each of the services.

The creation of a strong family

NOTE Our products consolidate and unite people with a common mentality, ideology and beliefs, creating family, having a strong and long lasting relationships.

NOTE Products «OneAccountProducts» contribute to the preservation of cultural traditions, language, and identity.

NOTE Also our products contribute to the development of competence, conflict-free thinking, which will help to avoid domestic conflicts.

NOTE Products «OneAccountProducts» contribute to minimizing the probability of building long-term relationships with adverse people that may enable you to avoid biggest regrets in the future.

No more insults

NOTE Each of the resources we create the conditions that minimize conflicts of beliefs, which significantly reduces the possibility of mutual insults.

NOTE Products «OneAccountProducts» contribute to the prevention of inter-ethnic conflicts among adolescents.

NOTE The value of the account (annual subscription!) - investment each of the users in a future conflict-free society.

New level of online protection from:

  • recruitment into terrorist organizations, of totalitarian sects and destructive cults;
  • online fraud;
  • cyber-bullying;
  • creating fake accounts;

The concept of conflict-free thinking

NOTE This technique is the concept of conflict-free thinking inherent in the project «OneAccountProducts» and all IT products «UnionGlobalCommunities», including ethnic, sports premium, professional and entertaining social media (more than 300 products).

NOTE In the future, the methodology of the concept of conflict-free vision and the development of competencies, conflict-free thinking will help to avoid domestic conflicts between strangers; to improve working environment between supervisors and subordinates; greatly reduce conflicts in the family between family members, between husband and wife, between parents and children, which will greatly contribute to a long lasting relationship and strengthen the family. All of the above in the long term should allow to return trust of people to each other. In general, the skills competencies conflict-free thinking will allow you to insure any user from mistakes in life!


NOTE The company's mission «OneAccountProducts» bring human relationships to a new level! A new level of social relations, where there is no conflict!

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