I Love What I Do & I Do What I Love.
It's my commitment.
Only in this way you will bring
benefit to others.

It is important in life to love what you do and do what you love with a mandatory benefit for others. It is not always possible. The basis of all problems - a job that is not a pleasure. This leads to a lack of competence of the increments and you become uncompetitive.


The basic principles of my worldview.

  • Focus

    Man dominated in the domestic focus of the vision of the situation most of the time. Internal growth and development of the individual is more possible with the development of an external focus.
  • Self

    One of the most important senses, if not the most - a sense of self-importance. To satisfy this feeling is possible only through projects of self-realization.
  • Self

    Self-realization, which gives full satisfaction of self-importance, is only possible through external projects linked to an external focus. In simple words, with your hands on your own resources do something useful for others.
  • Growth

    Intellectual growth promotes inner growth and self-development. Such a person has an interesting life and is rarely difficult in life. By the way spiritual growth is possible only when there is intellectual growth!
  • Сreation

    The Creator created the Creature in his own image and likeness. If the Creature begins to create, it becomes the Creator. Create and be Gods!..) You will help the Creator to resolve outstanding questions!
  • False

    Most of all, as a man that is relevant to the music for me is not acceptable false ...
    Humans false!
  • Weak will

    You can not be weak! A weak person is able to make a vile and sneaky person is able to make treachery. Your real friends - only the strong!
  • Intention

    Every person has the intention to achieve a visible target right now, but in life no one does not go in a straight line!
  • Effect

    In life there is much talk and little to do, little to say and a lot to do, but if it's not the desired effect, then there is no nothing.
  • Money

    Money is a tool. It is necessary to dig a hole - you need a shovel. No need to dribble - give others a shovel right now.
  • Professional

    Professional people going to the goal, making 1000 small improvements, and not a professional people seek the result, but not goal, making only a couple of dozen.
  • A wish

    The most expensive item of luxury in human life - his desire.
  • Relations

    The way a person acts with others, sooner or later, just as well a person acts with you.
  • Woman

    A woman can be beautiful if she is smart!
    How to define smart or not?
    On the eyes.
    a smart person good eyes, such a person more tolerant to others. The same applies to men.
  • Man

    Men over the age of 14 years does not happen.
    And if someone is 12 - that is a real problem!

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I was born on September 29, 1978 in Moscow in the family of a soldier ..