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Boris Belevtsov


My name is Boris Belevtsov, I am an entrepreneur, author and developer of specialized social media, where people, in addition to safe communication and Dating in their ethnic, sports and social groups, depending on their social interests, in the course of everyday and casual conversation, will learn to communication without insults and fight against the child's psyche and the teenage worldview in adults, as well as contribute to the growing up in the worldview of teenagers and children!

Examples of prototypes

«» |  Non-conflict Social Media for Real Americans.
GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA FOR REAL AMERICANS | Глобальная Cоциальная Cеть для Настоящих Русских

«» | Non-conflict Social Media for the Global Middle Class.

and etc.
Other examples of product prototypes:

More info..

How it works

Dear partners, do not make hasty conclusions about your primary reaction in the form of denial of identification of the problem of the presence of a child's psyche in adults, since in fact, every person has two ages: biological and worldview! A person may have a biological age of 35-40 years, but in the worldview is still the same teenager! At first glance, this is not so obvious, but almost the root of all problems in relationships between people from small domestic quarrels to global economic crises lies in the field of this issue!
An example of the presence of a child's psyche or teenage worldview in adults (a case from the field of IT investments).
Let's look at a situation where investors who fail to be sufficiently knowledgeable in the world of information technology due to their rapid changes in value judgment see a certain young man as a potential IT genius. (further IT programmer).
The Social Network
An IT programmer, in the wake of the growing natural interest of people around the world in online communication, copies and launches clones of popular social media in his region. In order to create an exclusively competitive advantage and attract massive attention of users to his network, an IT programmer creates technical conditions in his resource for the free distribution of pirated content, which in turn kills the regional music and film industry. As a result, these actions demotivate the work of most specialists in this field, and most professionals are left without work! At the same time, it is not obvious to everyone that the scalable growth of users of its clone network occurs in the era of natural all-human interest in the Internet, as well as as a consequence of the natural psychological need of people to communicate with each other! Taking advantage of the fact that his social network has become a backbone in the region, an IT programmer, allegedly being a "dedicated" founder of it, sells his network for several hundred million dollars, while noting that he left the project on time, which is not typical for most founders!
In the wake of the growing popularity of mobile messengers, an IT programmer who wants to get his billion dollars at the exit develops the so-called "anonymous" messenger! Not all people understand that any messenger is based on a simple chat script from the 90s, and "anonymity", as a tool for positioning and differentiation, was chosen presumably for the purpose, again as in the case of the social network, just to win the market in bad faith. Everyone knows that anonymity is popular with people who not only try not to be responsible for their words and actions, but in every possible way avoid any responsibility, including for themselves. Who most of all in society seeks to avoid personal responsibility? Children and teenagers, of course! Moreover, an online platform for promoting anonymity on the Internet is a platform for encouraging the spread of crime, terrorism, fake information, etc.! But the main problem is that, when disseminating information, anonymity among ordinary people forms a worldview where value judgments are based solely on speculation. Speculation, in turn, breed distrust, and distrust breed fear and aggression towards each other in an already unstable society! And the life of ordinary people is getting even more difficult!
In the wake of the growing attention to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the IT programmer, having entered the trust of investors who still continue to see him as a "genius", and not a 35-year-old man with the worldview of a 16-year-old teenager, collects $ 1.7 billion of investments from 175 investors for the future the release of a non-existent cryptocurrency! $1.7 billion. to whom??? A teenager!!! Here's the problem! It's one thing to copy open source code, another thing to create a blockchain platform from scratch, provided that the allegedly received investments go not only to the development of the cryptocurrency, but to cover the costs of an anonymous messenger, which still remains unprofitable, but continues to show positive growth dynamics users at the expense of not quite adults in the worldview of people! The goal is obvious - the subsequent resale of the unprofitable messenger "pumped up" by insolvent users for several billion dollars! The question is, who will buy?!? But, and how the story will end, it will not be difficult to predict further for you!
I certainly understand that the final decision is always emotional and based on sympathy or antipathy towards the person. I also apologize for the harshness, but the model of behavior and actions of an entrepreneur inherent in adolescence shown in the example is global in nature and, unfortunately, affects the fate of hundreds of millions of people who find themselves depending on the conditions imposed on them! This behavior undermines investor confidence and discredits regional startup founders! But believe me, not all Russians are like that!
Before investing, I recommend checking the founder for signs of a teenage worldview and child's psyche, so that later you do not have to sue, so that later you do not regret the money spent, time spent, energy spent, and most importantly, nerves spent!
That's how it works!

Where else in life can each of us influence the choice of a partner?
It is possible to check a biologically adult person for signs of a teenage worldview or a child's psyche:

1 when choosing a partner in matters of creating a family;
2 when choosing friends;
3 when choosing the environment of children;
4 when choosing neighbors in matters of purchasing housing;
5 when choosing teachers, doctors, lawyers, business partners;
6 when the owner of the business chooses managers and members of top management;
7 when the leader chooses his employees;
8 and, most importantly, when ordinary people choose future officials, civil servants and heads of states!


Each product (web resource) is a kit consisting of 5 services + an internal messenger:

1 Service «Conflict-free communication tool»;
2 Service «Safe Dating»;
3 Ad service «Marketplace»;


4 Service «Learning to communication without insults»;
5 Service «Fighting agaist the child's psyche and the teenage worldview in adults, as well as teenagers and children!».

NOTE «People Chain Messenger» is an internal and unifying messenger available exclusively to users within all conflict-free communication tools developed using the «Conflict-free thinking™» technology. Included in the General kit!

* Unfortunately, the main problem of many popular social networks is that in the process of communication, people do not growing up in their worldview! When communicating with each other, teenagers are focused only on themselves. In this case, each distracts the focus of the other's attention, usually on something insignificant. Constantly distracted by peers, the child forms an erroneous stereotypical worldview for him, that everything should be like this, that all the people around live like this, and this means that it is correct. And this natural and only behavior pattern for a child is repeated from year to year for decades, where «children» are at the mercy of the worldview of «children» - the process of looping takes place! As a result, we have a biologically adult person 25-40 years old with the psyche of the child, and as a result, unable to answer for their words and deeds.


Often a person in everyday life commits inexplicable and inappropriate acts for others. In response, numerous insults are poured into his address - a fool, a cretin, an idiot, but in fact a person is just an adult with a child's psyche who generates problems for himself, while trying in every possible way to avoid any responsibility, including for himself. Such a person is not able to admit his mistakes, while blaming everyone around him, he does not listen in the process of criticism, and if he listens, he does not hear!

An adult with a child's mind lives his life in vain!

An adult with a child's psyche is not able to focus on things that are important to him, and is not able to correctly prioritize his life. The basis of value judgments that mislead themselves and those around them is, as a rule, speculation, and not real facts. And even after many years, such a person, in order to save face, still demonstrates to others an absolute conviction of his own rightness! As a result, a person is not able to focus on self-realization through the disclosure of his natural potential and lives his life in vain!


It is important to understand that it is the child’s surroundings that forms the correct adult worldview in him and, if he is surrounded by overgrown teenagers who unconsciously divert his attention to things that are insignificant for a person, then the child in adult life, and not having to overcome the teenage worldview in himself, will remain life as a «teenager», generating problems for himself, his family and society! The proposed conflict-free social media, which are currently being worked on, are aimed specifically at solving this problem.

Business model

5 sources of income in each product:

1 Annually renewable premium subscription (depending on the tariff scale and product segmentation: $29,90; $49,90; $129,90; $249,90);
2 Contextual advertising;
3 Dating service (paid services for the promotion of ads, tokens of attention, etc.);
4 Ads service (paid services for promoting ads);
5 Additional paid services in the colored blocksign system «Conflict-free thinking™».

NOTE ATTENTION! To ensure financial stability, stability of the project development as a whole, as well as to ensure the profitability of each regional product, free registration of users in resources is excluded! Consumer value lies in paid access to the services offered.

Target audience

The main target audience is families with children, where parents are very concerned about the future fate of their children!
NOTE In particular, families where parents are concerned that they do not have the opportunity to fully constantly control their children and influence their environment on which the formation of the worldview of a truly adult person in the child's psyche will depend!

Also target audience segments:

1 Women and men 18+ who are looking for a life partner in order to create a strong family;
2 Women experiencing domestic violence;
3 Children and teenagers who insult and humiliate each other online, at school and on the street;
4 Relatives or friends who have already had problems with loved ones due to the identification of signs of a child's psyche in adult life;
5 All people, regardless of social status, nationality and skin color, for whom the value of being surrounded by truly adult people in the worldview is important!


In order to professionally bring new differentiated products to the market, accelerate the early growth stage and then scale up, I have decided to assemble an international* team of strategic business partners with at least 25 years of experience in highly qualified, ambitious management around the world! Task: to implement the world's best management practices for the future company.

I am interested in partners with a good understanding of how to carry out tasks for the international promotion of the products of the company, as well as in owners willing to hire the best specialists available on the market for this. Priority is given to partners and management who share the same goals and intentions as the founder!

The estimated share of minority interests: 0.95%, 1.95%, 2.95%, no more than 25% minus 1 share. Depending on the volume of investments and the ambitions of future partners, other options for equity participation are acceptable.

Excessive politicization and bias in relation to each other and in relation to the products of the future company is not welcome among partners! Exclusively professional global work aimed at the whole of mankind is welcome among our partners!

* The international team should consist of regional representatives from 1 to 5 business partners representing the following geographic regions: Eurasia, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.

NOTE The project is in the pre-investment phase, the number of employees is 1 person.(author-developer), the stage of development of the technical form is 75-80%, the content is 90-95%.

Scale of investment

Based on a preliminary analysis of a diversified portfolio of products (more than 70 products) and based on the launch of the first 10 products to the market, as well as based on the forecast of the implementation of the marketing plan for 3-5 years, investments in data centers and operational activities, I assume the minimum required volume initial capital investment in the amount of _____ МEuro*.

* The amount of investment is not specified, as it will be determined on the basis of a collective decision of future partners and will depend on the chosen development strategy, ambitions and intentions of partners!

NOTE It is important to note that feedback confirms that products of this topic have a resonant property of viral promotion, namely, my friends, who have an average of two or three children in the family, ask me to speed up the process of launching my project! Yes, it is not desirable to delay the release of products to the market, but for me it is especially important that the products have high quality before they are released, are really effective in solving issues of human relations, and are accessible to all peoples in the world at the same time! And the presence of viral promotion in the future will save significant money on promotion and marketing. It is also important to say that the very existence of this project can cause discreditable damage to existing first-generation social media due to the loss of trust in them by users! What I'm very sorry about!


1 Development and support of a highly professional product level;
2 Bringing differentiated products to market and creating a new premium social media market (in the future more than 320 pcs.);
3 Formation of a base of first adherents* and sale of 20 million annual subscriptions in the period of 3-5 years;
4 Getting a market share of 1% min. from the market volume of popular social media;
5 Reaching the break-even point and creating an environment that ensures the financial stability of the company for long-term value creation of key brand capitals;

* People who share the value of communication exclusively surrounded by truly adults!

Any means of communication where there is a possibility of communication between people.

Mission and vision of the company

The company will create certain conditions for people to communicate online, where, being in the generated environment of truly adult people, each person will be able to focus on revealing their natural potential for the purpose of self-realization in life!

To do this, we will use the following chain of values:

1 in order for a person to realize himself in life a person will need to reveal his natural potential;
2 in order to reveal the natural potential, a person will need to overcome the child's psyche in himself in adult life;
3 in order for a person to overcome the child's psyche in adult life, using the system of color blocksigns in the process of everyday communication in our resources, firstly, a person will need to learn how to communicate without insults (that is, not to elevate themselves by humiliating others!), and secondly, a person will need to identify and overcome 53 signs of the child's psyche and/or teenage worldview, thereby forming a worldview of a truly adult person!

This is what we will do!

Company development prospects for shareholders

The core competencies of the future company «OneAccountProducts» will be the development and maintenance of conflict-free social media, which in the future will have a beneficial effect on:

✔ the image of the company during the expansion of its IT products to new markets;
✔ promotion of its corporate and sub-brands;
✔ an increase in its value and the value of its intangible assets;
✔ the ability of the company's products to be unique and competitive;
✔ minimization of country risks of the company's development in the long term, as well as in conditions of uncertainty;
✔ minimization of country and economic risks of shareholders due to the growth of their reputational capital!

Contact Information
In order to speed up the consideration of your offer and the negotiation process, please indicate at the very beginning of your proposal:


NOTE Attention! The whole project consists of more than 70 geographically diversified prototype resources plus one prototype of a global internal unifying messenger!


NOTE Based on the market launch of the first 10 products selected by purchasing power parity!

Contact person: Boris Belevtsov
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you are interested in my proposal, consider the project for participation.

Thank you
Best regards,
Boris Belevtsov

NOTE I apologize in advance for possibly unforeseen delays in response due to the coronavirus pandemic!

Our products solve the problem of relationships between people around the world!

The list

The list of potential strategic partners.

- «AAC Capital»; Net
- «ABRT Venture Capital»;
- «Accel Partners»; UK
- «Acero Capital»;
- «ACME VC»;
- «Active Venture Partners»; Sp
- «Acton Capital»; Ger
- «Adara Ventures»; Sp Lux
- «ADD Venture»;
- «Aisling Capital»;
- «Allianz Global Investors»;
- «Alexandria Venture»;
- «Alfa-Group"»;
- «Almaz Capital»; Rus
- «AltaIR Capital»;
- «Alven VC»; Fr
- «Arch Ventures»;
- «Arctic Ventures»;
- «Andreessen Horowitz»;
- «Andgo Partners»; Hun
- «Amadeus Capital Partners»; UK
- «Amazon Venture Capital»;
- «AME Cloud Ventures»;*
- «Atlantic Bridge»; UK
- «Atlantic Labs»; Ger
- «Atlas Ventures»;
- «Atlas Ventures»;
- «Atomico»; UK
- «August Capital»;
- «Aspect Ventures»;
- «AWS Gründerfonds»; Aus
- «AXA Venture Partners»; Fr
- «Axon Partners Group»; Sp

- «Bain Capital Ventures»;
- «Balderton Capital»;* UK
- «Battery Ventures»;
- «Baring Vostok Capital Partners»;
- «Baseline Ventures»;
- «Benchmark Capital»;
- «Bessemer Venture Partners»;
- «Bezos Expeditions»;
- «Bezos Family Foundation»;
- «BGF»; UK
- «Bond Capital»;
- «Bonsai Venture Capital»; Sp
- «BoxGroup»;
- «Breyer Capital»;
- «Bridgewater»;
- «BlackRock»;
- «Blavatnik Foundation»;
- «BlueYard Capital»; Ger
- «BTOV Venture Capital»; Swit
- «Bystander Revolution»;

- «Cabot Square Capital»; UK
- «CapitalG»;
- «Capital Group»;
- «Capital Partners»;
- «Capital Today»;
- «Catagonia Capital»; Ger
- «Carlyle Capital»;
- «Charles River Ventures»;
- «Cherry Ventures»; Ger
- «Cisco Investments»;
- «Concentric Partners»; UK
- «Conor Venture Partners»; Fin
- «Comcast Ventures»;
- «Commerce Ventures»;
- «Collaborative Fund»;
- «Correlation Ventures»;
- «Creandum VC»; Sw
- «Credo Ventures»; Cze
- «Crestline Investors»;
- «Crosslink Capital»;
- «CRV»;

- «Day One Ventures»;
- «Daphni Ventures Capital»; Fr
- «Da Vinci Capital»;
- «Dawn Capital»; UK
- «DCM Partners»;
- «DCVC»;
- «DFJ Growth»;*
- «Deerfield Management»;
- «Draper Fisher Jurvetson»;
- «DN Capital»; UK
- «DST Global»;
- «Dundee Venture Capital»;

- «Earlybird Venture Capital»; Ger
- «Eden Ventures»; UK
- «Eden Ventures»; NZ
- «eCAPITAL Partners»; Ger
- «Eight Roads Ventures»; UK
- «Elevation Partners»;
- «Elysian Capital»; UK
- «Emerald Tech»; Swit
- «Emerald Tech Ventures»; Swit
- «Encomenda VC»; Sp
- «Endeit Capital»; Neth
- «Entree Capital»; UK
- «E.Ventures»;
- «Experior Venture Fund»; Pol
- «Fastlane Ventures»;
- «Felicis Ventures»;
- «Felix Capital»; UK
- «Female Founders Fund»;
- «ff Venture Capital»;
- «Fidelity Investments»;
- «FirstMark Capital»;
- «Firstminute Capital»; UK
- «First Round Capital»;
- «Forbion»; Net
- «Forerunner Ventures»;
- «Formation 8»;
- «Fort Ross Ventures»;
- «Fosun Eurasia Capital LLC»;
- «Founders Fund»;
- «Foundation Capital»;
- «Founder Collective»;
- «Flagship Pioneering»;
- «Floodgate Fund»;
- «Fly Ventures»; Ger

- «Gates Foundation»;
- «Gaorong Capital»;
- «General Catalyst»;
- «GEM Capital»;
- «GGV Capital»;
- «Go Beyond»; Swi
- «Google Capital»;
- «Google Ventures»;
- «Golden Seeds»;
- «Gradient Ventures»;
- «Greycroft Partners»;W
- «Greylock Partners»;
- «Grishin Robotics»;
- «Global Corporate Venturing»;
- «GSR Ventures»;

- «Harrison Metal Capital»;
- «Hambro Perks»; UK
- «Hedgewood Inc.»;
- «henQ Venture Capital»; Neth
- «Hoxton Ventures»; UK
- «HV Holtzbrinck Ventures»; Ger
- «HWVP»;
- «High-Tech Gründerfonds»;
- «Hyde Park Venture Partners»;
- «J. Hunt Holdings»;
- «Hummingbird Ventures»; Bel

- «IA Ventures»;
- «Iconiq Capital»;
- «IDG Capital»;
- «Idinvest Partners»; Fr
- «iEurope group»; Hun
- «IIDF»;
- «Index Ventures»; UK
- «Industrifonden»; Sw
- «INKEF Capital»; Net
- «Innogest Capital»; Sw
- «Innovacom»; Fr
- «Innovation Nest»; Pol
- «Insight Partners»;
- «Institutional Venture Partners»;
- «Interros» Group;
- «InterWest Partners»;
- «Inventure»; Fin
- «Inveready Tech Investment Group»; Sp
- «Illuminate Financial»; UK
- «IMI Venture Capital»;
- «Impulse Venture Capital»;
- «Italian Angels»; It
- «iTech Capital»;

- «JamJar Investments»; UK
- «JPIF»; Pol
- «JME Venture Capital»; Sp

- «Kapor Capital»;
- «Karma Ventures»; Est
- «Kernel Capital»; Ire
- «Khosla Ventures»;
- «KFund»; Sp
- «Koum Family Foundation»;
- «Kibo Ventures»; Sp
- «Kindred Capital»; UK
- «Kinnevik»;
- «Kleiner Perkins»;
- «Kreos Capital»; UK
- «Kurma Partners»; Fr

- «Lakestar»; Swit
- «Langholm Capital»; UK
- «Lanta Digital Ventures»; Sp
- «Lavrock Ventures»;
- «LEA Partners»; Ger
- «Lerer Hippeau Ventures»;
- «London Venture Partners»; UK
- «Lowercase Capital»;
- «Libra Capital»;
- «Lighter Capital»;
- «Lightspeed Venture Partners»;
- «Lightspeed China Partners»;
- «Lukoil» PJSC;
- «Lumia Capital»;
- «Madrona Venture Group»;
- «Ma Jack Foundation»;
- «Mayfield Fund»;
- «Mail.Ru Group»;
- «MairDumont Ventures»; Ger
- «Mainport Inno Fund II»; Neth
- «Mangrove Capital Partners»; Lux
- «Matrix Partners»;
- «Maven Ventures»;
- «Maveron»;
- «Maxfield Capital»; Rus
- «Melnichenko Foundation»;
- «Menlo Ventures»;
- «Meritech Capital Partners»;
- «Mindrock Capital»;
- «Millhouse Capital»;
- «Mithril Capital»;
- «Morningside Group»;
- «Moonshots Capital»;
- «MPM Capital»;

- «Naspers»; RSA
- «Nero Ventures»; Sp
- «New Enterprise Associates»;
- «Newfund Capital»; Fr
- «New Product Experimentation»;
- «Next Equities»;
- «Neulogy Ventures»; Slo
- «Northcap»; Den
- «Northzone Partners»; UK
- «Norwest Venture Partners»;
- «Nova Founders Capital»; UK
- «Notion VC»; UK

- «Oak Investment Partners»;
- «Octopus Ventures»; UK
- «Omnes Capital»; Fr
- «Omidyar Network»;
- «Optimizer Invest»; Mal
- «Oxford Capital»; UK

- «Pacific Investment»;
- «Pamplona Capital Partners»; UK
- «Par Equity»; UK
- «Partech Partners»; Fr
- «Passion Capital»; UK
- «Paua Ventures»; Ger
- «PBG FMC Venture Capital»; Hun
- «PeakSpan Capital»;
- «Pelion Venture Partners»;
- «Polaris Partners»;
- «Polytech Ventures»; Swit
- «PortfoLion Venture Capital»; Hun
- «Portugal Ventures»; Por
- «Project A»; Ger
- «Propel Venture Partners»; UK
- «Prosperity Capital»;
- «PFR Ventures»; Pol
- «P101 VC»; It

- «Qiming Venture Partners»;
- «QED Investors»;
- «Quadrivio Group»; It
- «Qualcomm Ventures»;

- «RA Capital»;
- «Rainfall Ventures»;
- «Rambler&Co»;
- «Randstad Inno Fund»; Neth
- «Redalpine Partners»; Swit
- «Redpoint Ventures»;
- «Reed Elsevier Ventures»; UK
- «Revolution»;
- «Rex Capital»;
- «R-Group LLC»;
- «Rhodium»; Isr
- «RTP-Global»;
- «RTAventures VC»; Pol
- «RRE Ventures»;
- «Rock Springs Capital»;
- «Rockaway Capital»; Cze
- «Rogers Jim»;
- «Rubicon Venture Capital»;
- «Russia Partners»;
- «Rusfund»;
- «Rutland Partners»; UK
- «Runa Capital»;

- «Sapphire Ventures»;
- «Samaipata Ventures»; Sp
- «Scale Ventures Partners»;
- «Section 32»;
- «Seedcamp»; UK
- «Sequoia Capital»;
- «Severstal Ventures»;
- «Severstal Digital Businesses»;
- «Severgroup»;
- «Shasta Ventures»;
- «Shortcut Ventures»; Ger
- «Shift Invest»; Neth
- «Shunwei Capital»;
- «Silver Lake»;
- «Sistema Venture Capital»;
- «Sistema»J SFC;
- «Social Capital»;
- «Spark Capital»;
- «SpeedInvest»;
- «Sputnik Group»;
- «Spider Capital»;
- «Spintop Ventures»; Sw
- «Slim Fundación»;
- «SV Angel»;
- «State Street»;
- «Storm Ventures»;
- «Skolkovo Ventures»;
- «Sky9 Capital»;
- «Smedvig Capital»;
- «Smedvig»;
- «Sofinnova Ventures»;
- «SoftBank Vision Fund»;
- «Summit Partners»;
- «Sunstone Ventures»; Den
- «Susa Ventures»;
- «SVB Ventures»;
NOTE Due to the international importance of the project at the moment, the business proposal is relevant for entrepreneurs and companies that are not under international sanctions! As soon as the international situation improves, we will be ready to cooperate with everyone who wants to solve the problem of relationships between people around the world! We apologize and thank you for understanding!

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I was born on September 29, 1978 in Moscow in the family of a soldier ..