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My name is Boris Belevtsov. I am the founder of the Studio "BorisWeb Media Group" - the author and designer of prototype media products niche focus with significant growth potential in the long term.

(Information about the products is available on the web resources:, .)

The Decision

To speed up the early stages of growth, improve the management and scalability(sales and marketing), I have decided to assemble an international team of strategic business partners. Through close cooperation with owners and management, I am interested in establishing an the international parent company «One Account Products» and in stable increase of its value.

The Participation in the share capital

I am ready to the changes by discussion of strategy and business policy. I am interested in the owners with a good understanding of how to implement the objectives on growth, as well as with the willingness to hire the best professionals available in the market. Partners must have the same goals and intentions as the management and shareholders of the company. Estimated share of minority interests of 0.95%, 1.95%, 2.95%, no more than 25% minus 1 share.

The Scale

On the basis of preliminary analysis of a diversified portfolio of products from the perspective of market attractiveness and based on the forecast of the implementation of the marketing plan 3-5 years in the future, investments in data center and operating activities I guess the minimum required amount of initial capital investment of 268.4 MEuro.

The challenge

The main challenge is the creating an environment that provides financial stability and building long-term value of the company.

The Business offer

If You are interested my proposal, please consider the project for your participation.

Thank you
With best regards,
Boris L. Belevtsov

Our products solve the problem of relationships between people on the Internet.

The list

The list of potential strategic partners.

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I was born on September 29, 1978 in Moscow in the family of a soldier ..